This is a concert and drinking place in Oslo. It is located in an old industry building at Brennerivien 8 by Akerselva. Convert offers are mainly in the genours jazz, elektronic, hiphop and rock.  Events at Blå can be viewed in this link


The Scottsman

A place for drinks and good times with many of your friends, the pub at the Scotsman features some of the city's most entertaining duets and trios each night. If you don't like live music, the Scotsman also boasts a sports bar with athletic events on the big screen and a pool table. If you want something to eat, take a table at the downstairs Angus steakhouse, whose entrees range from lamb and venison to specialty pizzas.


Chateau Neuf

The students in Oslo belong at Det Norske Studentersamfund. In nice local premises at Chateau Neuf by Majorstuen. Here it's opened all days exept sunday, and either if you want to a bar, cafe, go to a debate, concert, theater, the movies then this is the place for you.



However Norway is an expenisve country compared to other countries. Students are also not the group that can afford many fancy resturant/Pub visits. Then it's important to remember that Oslo has student pubs where the price is a bit cheaper than ordinary pubs. Student pubs like Fredagsbaren på khio, Frokostkjelleren, Hvelvet, fuBar, RF-kjelleren, Samfunnet Bislet, Samfunnet Kjeller,SAMKROA studentpub, SV-kjelleren,Torsdagskroa på Lavo and Uglebo.