That was a successful night! Thank you for all the wonderful presentations. It was really nice to see creative ways (quizzes, videos, national anthem and prizes) to present your nation!

Russia shared their sweet yummy crepes and Australia shared their unique tasting Vegemite and sweet colourful fairy bread :)

Our next week Presentation of Nation is on April 11, 2018!
We'll be presenting Hong Kong and U.S.!

We're still looking for 2 nations to present on May 9th. For those who have been to our PONs, doesn't it look fun? We'd love to hear people share their facts about their nation! Share your cultural dish and you can get reimbursed up to 200nok. 
Represent your nation, practice your public speaking skills and have lots of fun! What's the point of knowledge if it's not shared to others?

For those who are interested and/or have questions about it, please contact: