Former SocialErasmus Coordinator

Exchange Student from Chile



I joined ESN because I wanted to meet both local and international students, and learn and share experiences with them. Then I joined the Social Erasmus Coordinator because I wanted to help to make a small positive change within the community we were studying at. I learned a lot about team working with people that doesn't share my same culture or even language. It was a great and fulfilling experience to play a role in the improving of higher education in Europe.








Former Language Café Coordinator

Exchange Student From Italy

"Why did you join esn?" In the beginnig I joined esn because I needed to take part of something and to do something for me and the other students. "What did you learn from your experience" I learnt how to organize an event and I improved my english and social skills.

I would like to take part to the ESN Milano from the next year, but I will see because it's supposed to be a really busy year





Aurora Krogh

Former Local Representatitve
Norwegian Student, went on Erasmus in the Netherlands

Why did you join ESN?  I joined ESN after my semester abroad in The Netherlands. I was missing the international environment, and I wanted to give back and help make exchange in Oslo as great as possible for the students coming here. I also found out that through ESN there are a lot of possibiliies to get involved on local, national or international level, which seems very interesting.

What did you learn from your esn experience?
I've learned that there is a great community all over Europe with adventurous people who want to share, help, communicate and get to know eachother across boarders. I've also learned how to work with a team to plan events and trips, and find solutions to challenges. From my work in ESN i've learned a lot about the different aspects of being an international student, and how the system around them work to make their stay as fantastic as possible. I've also learned that once an ESNer, always and ESNer.


Raquel_Steffler_Machado (1).jpg

Raquel Steffler Machado

Former Event Manager

After being an Active Member in ESN Lisbon, I knew I had to be part of ESN again, this time with greater responsibility in Oslo. Knowing that ESN promotes the integration and well-being of international students motivated me to join. The opportunity to make a difference by improving youth mobility, growing professionally and getting to know a global network was something I couldn’t miss out.

My time during an Event Manager in ESN Oslo was so much fun and full of lessons. ESN has changed me in many ways. Not only I became a better leader and have now wonderful friendships worldwide, I have also shaped my organizational and marketing skills a lot. ESN is constantly challenging our creativity and ability to manage, negotiate, communicate and improvise. I have developed valuable traits for an international career and I am grateful for this experience. ESN was made for me.

Raquel Steffler Machado is a Brazilian & Italian Marketing Master student in Sweden. She has lived in 7 countries, speaks 4 languages and is ready to start her Erasmus semester at BI Norwegian Business School.





Katharina Hashemi

Former Active Member

Erasmus student from Germany

Why did you join ESN?

-a friend told me about the ESN Group and it sounds sreat and i like doing social thinks and organising, Meeting new people and having fun with the other ESN ers :)

What did you learn?
- i learned a lot about organising partys and events
- i learned to do this in English with different people from all over the world




Former Active Member
Erasmus Student from Germany

I became an ESN member to get to know some people in Oslo and to get involved in activities besides my school's program. When I first arrived there was nobody living on my floor in my studenthouse, so I decided to help ESN Oslo with picking up the new international students from Jernbanetorget. There I got to know some ESN members and I was fascinated by their involvement in the universities' activities. So I decided to become an esn member myself to get more involved. I experienced different cultures as esn oslo has many international members. There are a lot of different ways of thinking from various perspectives because everybody has their own background. This helped me to become more open towards foreign culutures. I also got to know more about the erasmus program and the areas plus countries esn works in and with. Unfortunately there is no esn section in my home city so I really miss the great experience I made with esn oslo.

Why should you join?

Because it is a lot of fun experiencing Oslo/Norway from another perspective and to get to know people you can have fun with. Esn does a lot of events and you can be more involved in them being a member.



Arvis Renckulbergs


Former Active Member

Exchange Student from Latvia

Why did I joined ESN? I always try to take the best of what I can get in terms of experience, especially when it comes to meeting new people and Learning while doing.

I saw ESN Oslo as a great chance to not only get to know other fellow students, but also participate in different activities, gain new skills, such as – organizational, presenting, management and a lot of other. I noticed ESN Oslo at the first briefing meeting for all exchange students and they caught my attention.

What did I learned from my ESN experience.

Besides the new skill set that I got to develop or strengthen, the most important part for me was the revelation how much good this organization can achieve for students by helping them grow into the society and students community. I learned, that this help and support ESN is giving to not only the members of the organization, but also to the students can not be overestimated. It can get confusing to meet the new surroundings all by yourself and I know see from personal experience, that this help is very important.

As a result, once I got back home I made contact with ESN Riga and I became a mentor to a few exchange students coming here for studies, meeting with them for a coffee and a chat.




Former Presentation of Nations Coordinator & HiOA Representatitive

"Why did you join ESN"- Karl told me to. aha, but actually, i wanted to get involved during my time abroad and ESN seemed like the perfect place

"what did you learn from your esn experience"- i learned about different cultures, but mostly i learned about ESN, coming from a North American country, we do not have this organization, so it was interesting to learn about ESN as a whole